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Pro mobile disco loves music requests taken from the audience on the night as playing this music will increases a sense of the audience participation which in turn helps to build the party atmosphere. However some DJs hate to take requests as they have already planned their set in advance and worked out what they think are good mixes and the best order of play. This approach is great for clubs when everyone knows what to expect, but not for private functions or family parties. A party like a Wedding or a Birthday celebration is unique event and needs a DJ who can alter the tune selection in a instant and match the music to the mood of the the audience and the type of occasion.

Music request from the audience 'on the night' is a great way to select the right music selection but sometimes discretion will need to be used. An example of this would be during a Wedding celebration when a teen may want some hip hop with loads of swearing, Gran will not be happy. On the other hand if an Aunty wanted the classic Bob the Builder, because 10 years ago it was the teens favorite, we would pretend not to have it. We have had a situation at a wedding party when the best man, 'for a laugh' kept asking for tunes that would remind the happy couple of their previous relationships. We have performed at many parties when the one guy (who always seems to sit on his own at the back) has said play something decent like 1970's folk music or some other strange request that he has no intention of dancing to. This might seem harsh but a good party DJ will always try to get bums off seats.

Music requested by the audience tend to fit into one of three groups.

First and the biggest group, music that we would play anyway, this would include current chart hits or party favorites. This will be music that fits the occasion and suits the audience, this music will always go down well and generate a great party atmosphere.

Second is the more useful group and include less well known popular hits from the past. Often these tunes connect and mean something to the audience. Perhaps these tunes can pack a dance floor. This group would include anything requested by the person booking the party.

Third these are the inappropriate tunes, the ones out of context or designed to offend somehow. However sometimes you can get away with playing a record you know will almost clear the dance floor, because during a long party people will need to have a rest a drink and a bit of a chat etc. That said, watch out for this type of request, if you play one naff tune other people will start to suggest even more obscure tunes to play. Tunes that may have got the party started back in 1964 but today will fall flatter than a pancake that was run over by a steam roller, driven by Anne Widdicome.

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You may have found this webpage because you are planning a party and want to compose the perfect party playlist. You may be the person having the party and be thinking a DJ is unnecessary as you can hire just the equipment and plug a music device loaded with your favourite tracks into it. If you plan this list in detail and even ask your friends and relatives for their requests you may think you will have a great party, while saving a fortune on DJ hire. However great parties do not work like that and although things may be OK your party will never be the great success it should be. The reason for this is that music requests taken on the night and mixed with your favourite and other similar tracks is the best way to create a wonderful party atmosphere.

Pro Mobile Discos provides DJs who play requests and your choice of the best party, dance, disco, 60's 70's 80's, 90's and chart, Pop and party music. DJs for all occasions, we play your party music requests. For professional mobile discos contact Pro Mobile Disco.